Seafood Equipment

Seafood Equipment Manufacturers

There are many names synonymous with fish processing and although our stock list changes on a daily basis we will almost always have machinery by Afos, VMK, Kaj Olesen, Fomaco, Frigoscandia, Torry, Baader, Maas, Trio, Marel, Carnitech, CP- some of the most reputable seafood equipment manufacturers.

One of the most well known, Baader, also manufacture machinery for poultry, red meat and fruit, although they are probably best known for their fish processing machines.

Baader's range of specialised fish machinery includes manual or automatic fish skinning machines, fish steaking machines, fish headers, pin bone removers, gutting machines, fish scaling machines, trimming machines and fish filleting lines.

The Baader soft separation system of a squeeze belt to remove fish mince from bones and frames is an industry leader. Baader meat and fish mince is used extensively in further processed fish and shellfish products and the added value seafood sector relies on quality fish mince from Baader and Sepamatic machinery.